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Biltmore Corporate Office

The Pack One Building is a Seven story, Class A building designed by world famous architect I.M. Pei located in the center of downtown Asheville' s Pack Square. The building fronts on the new $20+Millon Pack Square Park. This building houses the Corporate Headquarters of the Biltmore Estate.

I.M. Pei designed the glass on the building to reflect the beautiful architecture of the classic buildings on Government Square. However, over time the calcium and lime from the precast spandrel panels were deposited on the glass. Both deposits eventually leached the sodium from the glass, etching it. The glass no longer reflected the Square and even obstructed the view from the inside offices.

Hart Restoration was contracted to remove the etched surface by polishing the surface with proprietary materials. After removing the damage to the glass, the glass was sealed to restrict further damage to the surface.

An additional measure of protection was taken by treating the precast with a waterproofing sealer to reduce the leaching of calcium and lime.

Today the building once more reflects Asheville’s architecture and mountain setting.

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